AUDACITY - The Mastermind
AUDACITY - The Mastermind
Hey babes, you'll find lots of info on this page about my Mastermind Group offering. The next round is likely to begin in September, whenever my kids have gone back to school. Please join the waitlist to receive occassional email updates. 

If you've had a read through the below, and wanna chat about whether it's right for you, drop me an email at 

The BIG VISION Paradox

I've long relied on a bold and beautiful dream to magnetise me towards my future joy, and it's something I've used with clients too. For a few years, I ran these big group challenges helping women to notice their desires and obstacles etc, and on the last day, I would ask them to speak to me AS IF THEY WERE BEAMING BACK AT ME from 5 years in the future. Like we were having a reunion- their future selves, tipping up with updates, speaking in the present tense about the vibrant lives they had created for themselves. It was so moving, and mobilising.

But right now, there's something about the long term that can feel overwhelming. Over, and over, we have seen deadlines shift ,and new limits on our freedoms, and our safety emerging. We've been riding wave after wave of ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! There's a temptation to put our happiness on hold until a definitive period of smooth sailing comes along. (I don't know why I'm so into this analogy when I'm even scared in our kayak, but I hope you get it). 

The problem is, I don't see it happening. There will be no one day that we wake up and know, phew, it's over! And so, my intention for myself is to take stock- of my needs, my learnings, my resources, and to move forwards, through the choppy waters, one manageable sea mile at a time. Ok I'm done with the sea thing.

I'd like to share that approach with you- a willingness to get vulnerable enough to acknowledge what we want, EVEN THOUGH  *all this* etc. And tools and strategies to facilitate step by step movement in that direction. 

I'm inviting you to consider- what worked well for you in times when you made good progress? Times when you felt good about your business?

And I'll tell you my truth- who I run with. (Alas, dear Reader, I speak not of a rebirth of my jogging enthusiasm- that didn't last long at all... No. I refer to my circle).

It is clearer to me than ever before that going out of our way to build nourishing bonds with others is always a good idea.

This year gone by, my coaches, pals and peers have taken turns to lead me, love me, and lull me through, and that's support I've been pumped to receive in addition to the brilliant base I am so lucky to have at home.

When I first started running these Mastermind Groups in the summer, I hadn't consciously realised that I was seeking to re-create my experience for others.

I thought it was about goals and plans- and it was/ is/ forever shall be, to an extent.

But it has been so much more, through some of the most testing months of our collective lives.

“The Mastermind was such a fantastic investment of my time and money. Since working with Keri my confidence and self belief has increased 100 fold which is turn has grown my business massively. The support from the group has been amazing and it’s great to have people who will really hold you accountable. Can’t wait to see what the future brings.”

Laura Mudie, Founder of Rosa & Bo

I'm calling in between 4-6 women in business who are ready to become more of who they really are, TOGETHER.

Are you one of them?

You've been round the self development block a few times- you're not ignorant of your "stuff", and you've got some favoured strategies, your go to books, healers, podcasts, practices.

So have I babes, so have I. And yet, I STILL seek out coaching and peer support on the regular.


No matter how self aware you get, moving through the process of feeling your stuff, noticing it, really seeing it for what it is, getting to the bottom of what steps to take, and actually taking them... Geeez that can drag on a bit, right?

Peer support gives me empathy, allows me to draw on my pals' experiences from their diverse careers and lives, and supports me to sense check my thinking.

Before I secured it, I used to think gaaaaahhhhh I can ask my husband or my mum or my other friends but they just don't KNOW HOW THIS IS

- it's like it's not even worth trying to explain it.

And when I did, I'd be left deflated, frustrated, shrunken. It could take a good while to find the courage to give it another go, and it could be detrimental to those relationships too.

When you're relying on the input of people without the same sense of possibility that you hold in your heart, it's like your compass is off. (And by the way, it's not necessarily that they don't believe in you, they just don't get it, unless they've run a business in this way.

They don't want you getting hurt, or making mistakes, or taking on too much... whereas what you want is feedback from people who are more worried about wasting their talents/ impact/ opportunities/ life than making a bit of a balls up here and there).

Receiving coaching and mentoring challenges me, allows me to see myself and my life through the eyes of someone who KNOWS what's possible for me, and speaks on behalf of the part of me that knows it too.

And, babes, with the tools and resources I've acquired recently through the Self Belief Coaching Academy training, I am more equipped than ever to expand your comfort zone at a pace that makes sense for you.

It gets to be stretchy AND safe.

With this mastermind format, I'm absolutely confident I've combined the best of both worlds, for the right people.

What's becoming increasingly clear is that people want a significant amount of mentoring, and consulting from me, as well as coaching, and I am available for it all.

The shifts in the groups I've facilitated so far have been utterly wild. Beyond my expectations.

I'm talking sold out launches, total redesign of family logistics to move out of struggle into ease, bringing in new employees, confronting old demons, personal re-branding, prices increasing…

“Coming off the back off of Keri’s group programme I had got really clear about my direction of travel and already made huge strides. So I joined the mastermind to help me  and my business progress further, with a more intimate way of working with Keri. 

Working closely with this wonderful group of women who are all at different stages of their business is an eye opener for me. 

Observing others and myself in this way provided the self awareness that I’m not going to hit a certain level of income per month, or bookings and then it’ll be easy. This is a life times work. But having Keri there who has an incredible ability to hold space and hands, balanced with a necessary kick up the arse to move you to the next stage makes it possible when it doesn’t seem so! The only way out is through and she’ll take you there!

It’s great value for money. It felt a stretchy investment for me. But I know that because of this, I showed up. For the whole mastermind. I was brave and I am looking at a different life at the end of this process than the one I started this with. Proud of myself and thank you Keri .

Sarah Doman, Hypnobirth & Early Years Expert

Over and over I am reminded of the power of women being held in this way.

As each group concludes (I'm currently running the fourth one so far), I'll slip away from that whatsapp group, and they will keep momentum and accountability alive for one another. The first group that ran in July 2020 is still on FIRE, or so they tell me.

I'm often giddy in anticipation of the updates - not just in terms of tangible results, but the impact of having formed these bonds.

These spaces for an unconditional positive regard to work its magic, and the ripple effects across people’s lives.

This is about more than women making money (although I am OBVIOUSLY fully in support of that).

This is about women carving out lives and identities that are aligned with their desires, visions and values.
This is about women getting really fucking JOYFUL because they are free to act, and feel fulfilled.

This is about women becoming more of who they really are, and in doing so, sending echoes of possibilities out to their families, friends, clients and anyone else who is lucky enough to be in their spheres.

As I facilitate, and witness this, one thought keeps returning to me, over and over:

THIS IS HOW IT'S MEANT TO BE. This is how women work best- in collaboration.

If you think you might be ready to make a commitment to this container, check out the deets.

What's included:
  • A preliminary questionnaire, helping you to get clearer about your priorities for our time together.
  • ​A  1 hour call, 1:1 with me (usual fee £300) to drill down further and establish what's keeping you separate from what you want, and your  initial steps to move through it.
  • 7 group zoom calls with me, (one to kick off, then fortnightly til we wrap up 12 weeks later) between 2-3 hours, depending on group size. Taking turns in the hot seat as we review your fortnightly priorities, keep you on course for your overall goals, and support you through whatever comes up. (It's NEVER just about when you're in the chair gals- it's so easy to see the greatness in others, even when they are stuck in their struggle. Witnessing this with people you are impressed by is powerful for all of you, and allows you to think differently about yourself. Plus there will be plenty to celebrate together, which is obvs inspiring and uplifting).
  • ​Our own whatsapp group - this is the REAL JEWEL in this experience. Me, and your peers, in your pocket, on hand to steer and support you, whatever comes up. Navigating tricky conversations, making decisions on pricing, sense checking new ideas... nothing is off limits whether it's work or home life- we are here for it all. I'll be checking in and responding to your stuff once or twice a day Monday - Friday, and in between, you'll be building trust with each other. (This. Is. Priceless).
  • Access to my course: Audacity: The Expansion (plus The Essentials workshop, and the bonuses it was sold with at £399) {ps- if you've already bought this, I'll deduct your investment from the price here}​
  • ​You’ll also get an opportunity to join me live on instagram, at some point during our time together to introduce yourself to my community and talk about your work
  • AND, I have a private Facebook group, exclusively for my Mastermind and 1:1 alumni, which you'll be invited to join. It's a low pressure, high respect, and intimate space, where you can connect with brilliant women with various skills and talents, and plenty in common with you.

  • Going from wondering about doing something, to acting on it, and sharing it with your audience, in the same day. (And not because of PEER PRESSURE or FEEL THE FEAR AND DO IT ANYWAY. Rather, because you feel connected to the part of you that trusts in yourself).
  • Receiving reassurance and encouragement, and dishing it out, knowing that when you return with your wins, the celebrations will be REAL- for the big stuff, and the small. Especially the small.
  • There being nowhere to hide from your procrastination (not a flaw, but a solution for managing your fear, we will get through it), or your GREATNESS, babes. 

We will begin in September, once my kids are back at school, and run for 3 months.

If you have Qs about this experience, drop me an email, to chat.

I'd love to know why you feel drawn to it, and whether you have a particular goal in mind to focus on.

The investment for this experience is £2,222.

Payment plans of up to 6 months are freely available, or you can receive a 10% discount for payment in full.

Monthly payments are invoiced via GoCardless for Xero, paypal can be utilised if you’d prefer to use a credit card.

You’ll receive personalised terms and conditions to review ahead of commitment.
Any Qs at all, just ask. I'd love to see you in my inbox. KJ xx

Email me at to apply
The investment for this experience is £2,222.

Payment plans of up to 6 months are freely available, or you can receive a 10% discount for payment in full.

Monthly payments are invoiced via GoCardless for Xero, paypal can be utilised if you’d prefer to use a credit card.

You’ll receive personalised terms and conditions to review ahead of commitment, and will have 14 days to cancel (if work has not yet begin) in accordance with your legal rights.

Any Qs at all, just ask. I'd love to see you in my inbox. KJ xx

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